about me

Hi There! I'm Gina, a blessed momma of two sweet babes and wife to a car fanatic husband; born and raised in Southern California. My passion for photographing the beauty of human interaction is what fills my soul. Chasing light and documenting all God's grace is truly a dream come true. 

I am a sour candy loving, cry during the Pampers commercials, hopeless romantic with an obsession for my kids, photography and eating chips. Every. Single. Night. Even though I would love to have my own vegetable garden, my green thumb is broken. Every time I see the ocean, it brings a smile to my face, goosebumps on my skin and jump-starts my soul. I'm a major foodie and can out eat my husband. Country music is my jam. My wanderlust nature keeps knocking at my door with my need to travel to list trailing over a mile long. Oh, and I secretly pretend my eyes are my camera when I'm snuggling with my kiddos and can't grab my real one fast enough; hoping the images I'm "capturing" will be ingrained in my memory forever. 

I look forward to creating your story! xoxo!



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